The Effects of Structural Tilt

Below is an example of the effect that structural tilt has on dipmeter patterns. The red and blue patterns are are a standard interpretation technique where the blue pattern represents decreasing dip with depth and the red pattern represents increasing dip with depth. Structures "B" and "D" are "textbook" fault patterns, while the smaller anomalies are probably faults also.

Click the polar plot on the right to apply different structural tilts to the dipmeter log on the left. Tilts of 5 to 10 degrees can greatly affect the character of the patterns, while tilts of greater than 10 degrees can completely change the patterns. Occasionally there are tilts which will nearly completely obliterate all of the patterns. Generally at lower tilt angles, the major features are still visible, but they might not be as obvious if the patterns are not colored in. (Click the "Hide/Show Interpretation" button occasionally and see what happens.)

Remember that what is refered to here as tilt may be part of a larger-scale feature.  That is why the term "structural tilt" is used here instead of the more commonly used term "structural dip".